First blog post

Thank you for your interest in my first post to THRIVE With Real Food!  My goal is to share my life long passion for wonderfully tasting food.  Over the years my food passion has morphed from eating anything and everything to more nutrient rich, whole, natural REAL FOOD.

I LOVE FOOD!  To me, there is nothing better than finding a new recipe, cooking it up, and devour it with my family and friends.   I love the taste, the smell, the presentation. It makes me happy and comforts me.  Hence …”Fat and Happy”!

Well the one person that wasn’t happy with my food passion was my doctor.  Over two years ago, I had my yearly physical which included detailed blood work and several diagnostic tests.  At my appointment, he took my medical file and stood up and walked over to a picture hanging on the wall.  It was the image of the inside of the human body with the heart in the middle.  He began a short lecture explaining what small artery disease was and plainly stated that was the path that I was on.  The good news from him was that it was completely reversible despite any genetic predisposition, but the choice was up to me.  I needed to lose weight.  I tried with no luck, in fact, I put on more weight.  I was taking prescription medicine for my blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid.  My energy level was low, I had sleep apnea, and major brain fog.  My doctor suggested that I do his medically supervised weight loss program.  So, instead of spending the money on larger sized clothes, I bit the bullet and signed up.

After three months, I lost 28 pounds and 9 inches off my waist.  I ate a combination of food I prepared and purchased from his office.  I was one of the first patients to go through his program as it was new to his office.  The program worked, but I did a lot of my own research due to the fact that his staff was not fully trained at the time.  I can honestly say I knew more than my “coach”.  Which brings me to  a quick tid bit about my husband.

Our doctor wanted him to participate in the program as well, but he was stubborn (the doctors words not mine haha) and said he wasn’t spending the money on it, he didn’t need to lose weight, and he wasn’t going to eat “that health food crap”.  He said he wasn’t going to give up the food he enjoyed and he exercised so he could eat what he wanted.  As time went by and my husband saw me losing pounds of fat, he questioned what I thought it was that was allowing me to lose weight because I was not supposed to exercise while on the plan.  For the most part I was eliminating sugar and increasing the vegetables.  Of course, there was more to it than that, but that gave him a little food for thought and he ran with it!

As of this writing, he has lost 35 pounds and has been given the clear from the doctor to eliminate all of his prescription medicines.  And there you have it!  We both shed the unwanted and unhealthy weight and now look and feel better, younger and more energetic than ever before.  It’s not just a diet, it’s a new lifestyle that we’ve embraced.  I’d like to continue to share what I have learned and the recipes we have found and created to maintain our health and quality of life.  Everyone’s body is different, so try what you like and pick what you and your doctor think would be best for your health!




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